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If you are moving to Alabama, there are certain things you need to consider about purchasing adequate insurance for your automobile, truck and home. The state of Alabama has determined the minimum standards required for every driver and homeowner within the state, to ensure that you and your family are completely covered in the unlikely event of an accident in your car, truck or home.

Auto Insurance in Alabama

Alabama auto insurance is compulsory for every driver in Alabama. The insurance coverage will shelter you, your family and anyone in your vehicle from any unforeseen eventuality or expense (minor or major) should an accident occur. As a legal requirement for every Alabama driver, Alabama auto insurance will protect you and your vehicle.

How Does Compulsory Insurance Work?

Compulsory insurance coverage in Alabama provides coverage for property damage and bodily injury liability. The minimum bodily injury liability is set at $20,000 for any physical injury for each person in the accident, with a total of $40,000 maximum for the total physical injuries of all persons involved.

The coverage for property damages is limited to $10,000 for each accident. While these are the minimum requirements and limitations, it is always best to have a higher insurance limits to ensure you have adequate coverage in case of a serious accident.

Proof of Auto Insurance

In the state of Alabama, it is mandatory that every driver has proof of auto insurance on them at all times. Your insurance card will need to list every important detail including the make of your vehicle, its model number, and the vehicle's year of manufacture. It should include the ID number of the vehicle, and the name of your insurance company, along with the name of the insured (you), along with your policy number that is now in effect, including the expiration date.

Additional proof of auto insurance Alabama can be a liability insurance policy, your premium receipt, a certificate of your insurance (directly from your insurance company), a temporary insurance card or a copy of a vehicle rental agreement that notes you have opted for insurance coverage for an additional charge. Getting caught without proof of insurance, you can face a fine of up to $500, with more stringent fines for repeat offenders including a suspension of your driver's license.

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Trucking Insurance in Alabama

Truck drivers in Alabama are held to a higher standard than passenger vehicle drivers. You require a higher level of skill than the typical driver. Because any unskilled truck driver can cause a significant amount of damage it is important to have high liability limits on your policy. The type of truck operating routes you drive throughout Alabama and the nation will determine the set price of your premiums. Other than the outlay of costly fuel, your truck insurance will most likely be your single biggest expense. Being inadequately covered can cause significant financial devastation to you and your business.

Other Trucking Determinants

Insurance premium on your Alabama truck insurance will likely be determined on the type of equipment you operate. Whether you drive a standard flatbed, refrigerated truck or a super large semi, can all have a significant impact on the rate of your premium for your policy. The entire value of your trucking business will be taken into consideration to determine exactly how much coverage will be necessary to be fully insured. Being fully insured will provide you peace of mind knowing your assets are properly protected, in the event of a major accident.

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Home Insurance in Alabama

Homeowners insurance is a major expense for anyone in Alabama. While not required by law, homeowners insurance may be an obligatory expense if your home is mortgage, and is part of the lender's agreement for loaning you money on your house. Generally, you will be required by your mortgage holder to provide adequate insurance for the minimum replacement value of your home, should it burned to the ground, or be completely damaged or destroyed.

Ensuring You Have Adequate Alabama Home Insurance

You will want to ensure you have adequate home insurance for your home that covers property damage, personal liability, medical payments, and any additional living expense in the event of some catastrophic event. Should you rent or lease your home to another, you will need renters insurance, or condominium insurance, for the structure with optional coverage of anything else you wish to insure.

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