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Insurance is all about securing your life and property against potential loss causing risks and this can be done by paying a small amount or premium either every month or every year. Many states in America have taken out stringent laws which compel the residents of that state to take insurance coverage for a lot of things. Texas is one such state. Texas Insurance laws have made it mandatory for civilians to have insurance coverage like Texas auto insurance, Texas hone insurance, Texas trucking insurance etc.

For people who are planning to shift to Texas and also for all people currently residing there, it is necessary to know in details about the various insurance policies that can be availed of.

Texas Auto Insurance

It has been made mandatory by law, in Texas, for all drivers to have a minimum liability limit for bodily injury as well as property damage incorporated in the Texas Auto Insurance policy which every driver in Texas needs to have by virtue of Texan Law. The limits for this have been fixed by the state at 25/20/25 which means that the limit is $25,000 for bodily injury to one person, $50,000 for all bodily injuries involved and $25,000 for any damage caused to another person's car. Needless to say, all these payouts are only valid if the accident has been caused due to a fault of the driver concerned.

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Texas Home Insurance

There are mainly five types of coverage mentioned in the policy.

Dwelling, wherein your house along with all unattached building and structures are covered in case of loss due to a covered loss.

Personal property, wherein all your personal possessions like the items in your house are insured against a covered loss.

Liability, which offers a coverage of $25,000 for proven damage caused you to other people's property.

Medical payments covers all medical bills incurred by a person hurt when is was on your property.

Loss of use pays for any additional expenses incurred by you for not being able to stay in your house due to it being damaged by any of the covered loss.

Covered loss means all those losses the reasons for which are recognized and covered by the insurance policy.

Relation Between Home Insurance And Auto Insurance

In general, there are basically two types of Texas Home Insurance policies prevalent here. One is the All-Risk Policies which offers, the homeowners, a wide variety of coverage for almost any type of loss incurred. This is also known as the Comprehensive Coverage or the Open Perils Coverage policy. The other policy is the Named Perils policy or the Specified Perils Coverage policy offers coverage only for covered loss.

To ensure that the homeowners are not harassed in any way by the insurance companies, Texas has a Consumer Bill of Rights which every homeowner should read whenever he opts for a new policy or renews an old one. Homeowners who also own a automobile needs to take auto insurance. There are special insurance for people owning trucks though because there are separate norms to be mentioned.

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Texas Trucking Insurance

The economy of the state of Texas comprises of farming, oil exploration, tourism and various other large industries. Hence, trucks are widely used as commercial vehicles for the transportation of a variety of products. This has prompted the insurance companies to design a special policy, the Texas Trucking Insurance policy, especially for them. Broadly there are two types of trucker's policies which are in vogue here.Trucking policies for companies using their own trucks for transportation.Trucking policies for companies hiring out their trucks for use by other companies.

Trucking policies for owners of transportation trucks cover primary liability which protects against bodily injury or property damage to a third party, commercial general liability which covers operational losses, motor truck cargo which insures the truck owners against liabilities arising out of damage to the cargo being transported, physical damage covers losses incurred by the vehicle due to fire, collision, theft etc and passenger coverage offering coverage for bodily injury incurred by any guest passenger.

Trucking policies for owners of trucks for hire cover non trucking liability which offers coverage for any accidents that take place when the commercial vehicle is used for personal purposes, unladen liability provides coverage during times when the trucks are operated with or without attached or empty trailer, bobtail liability offers coverage again when the truck is operating without a trailer, physical damage covering losses arising due to collisions, theft, or fire and passenger coverage which covers all injuries suffered by guest passengers.

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