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Having insurance can be seen as a risk mitigation strategy. It works by transferring a person's risk of being in an accident or losing properties in exchange for a premium. Insurance companies would then assume any sudden loss, depending on the policies their clients applied for.

But the terms and policies of insurance vary from one company to another. These changes can be driven by the tight competition among providers, along with the state law where the company is situated. South Carolina Insurance providers, for instance, may have distinct policies and terms compared to those from other states.

Auto Insurance

Car insurance is obtained to gain protect vehicles from the cost of damages and accidents. In South Carolina, it is considered as one of the most popular types of personal insurance.

South Carolina auto insurance can either be in the form of two basic coverage areas:

1. Liability - this covers three major aspects including injuries, damage to property and uninsured drivers' coverage. The injury liability insurance can protect individuals who are accused to be at fault on any motorist accident.

In South Carolina, the benefit of this premium entails individuals to carry at least $25,000 worth of bodily injury, and $50,000 covering hospitalization costs of all the parties involved in a single accident. These claims may include medical expenses, pain, trauma, and lost wages.

Property damage liability insurance, on the other hand, hands out payments for the damages caused on the property of other individuals - cars, equipment, and parts of houses included. The minimum limit for this insurance in South Carolina is $25,000 covering all the damage to properties in a single accident.

Coverage for uninsured motorists gives direct protection to the holder of the policy. This type of liability insurance only pays when a driver is injured in an accident by other parties who refuse to assume responsibility, or to drivers who are not holders of auto insurance.

2. Property damage - includes comprehensive and collision coverage.

Collision coverage refers to the physical damages to the vehicle after crashing with another car or other obstructive objects (posts, trees, etc.). South Carolina state law does not require all drivers to have this insurance. Nonetheless, it might be a necessity when applying for a loan.

Alternatively, comprehensive coverage encompasses damages and loss from other causes including theft, fire, floods, vandalism, accidental falling of objects, etc. Insurance companies would pay for the repair of car parts. Similar to collision insurance, this is also not required by the law of South Carolina.

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Home and Real Estate Property Insurance

South Carolina Home Insurance does not have much difference from coverage offered by companies in neighbouring states. Most of the policies that can be availed include the following:

  • Total Damage: Insurance companies would assume the face amount of the policy for a maximum of $100,000. However, there is a need for investigation to determine the cause of the damage.
  • Damage of Separate Structures: South Carolina insurance providers may pay for the repair of detached garage or lawns that may have resulted from accidents and natural calamities.
  • Personal Property: This covers damages or loss of household fixtures and other properties owned by the insurance holder.
  • Additional Living Expenses: Policies in South Carolina assists the holders in paying for bills up to a certain limited to ensure a comfortable living in cases of sudden loss.
  • Comprehensive Personal Liability: Gives protection whenever the insurance holder is accused to be at fault for any damages on properties owned or leased.

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Business Insurance

Corporations and enterprises are mostly concerned about calamities and the possible damages that come with these. South Carolina business insurance companies then give coverage that can assume cost of property damages and interruptions to income in cases of tropical storms or hurricanes. The coverage would include the following:

1. Business Liability Insurance: protects entrepreneur when they are injured within the premises of their offices, or whenever one of the workers incur injury inside the area.

2. Professional Liability Insurance: benefits the holders who may have been legally obliged to pay for damages from proven negligence and errors at work.

3. Insurance for Worker Compensation: required in South Carolina. This type of insurance gives payment for medical expenses and disability coverage of employees who may have acquired illnesses or injuries at work.

4. Employment Practices Liability Insurance: protects entrepreneurs accused by their employees of being engaged to practice violations under the law. It covers payment for court proceedings in hearing cases of racial discrimination, erroneous termination, and sexual harassment.

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