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Whether you just want to know what the law requires you to have in Kansas insurance because you are considering moving to Kansas or whether you just want to be certain your coverage is enough, you can learn what is required by law with this article. This will cover Kansas auto insurance, home insurance and Kansas business insurance. Learn what you must carry and then decide it this is adequate or if you would prefer to carry extra. You can always have more coverage, just not less.

Kansas Auto Insurance

There are many necessities when it comes to auto insurance. You will need to carry liability, personal injury protection and uninsured motorist's coverage. All of these are required if you want to drive on the roads and get your car registered in Kansas.

The liability coverage is 25,000/50,000/10,000. That means you will have $25,000 in coverage for one injured person, $50,000 in coverage for multiple injuries to multiple people and $10,000 in property damage insurance.

Personal injury protection is also known as PIP insurance. The minimums on this are as follows:$900 per month for one year for disability from an accident to you$4,500 per person in medical expenses$25 per day for in home services that could be required$4,500 for rehabilitation$2,000 for funeral expenses. This will cover burial or cremation.

There will also be a requirement for survivor benefits. This is $900 a month for a year.
Uninsured coverage is for $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.
You may think this is plenty of insurance but if you stopped to think how expensive medical costs are now and how expensive it would be to cover the loss of an automobile you will see that the requirements are a minimum. You may want to carry more.

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Kansas Home Insurance

Although there are no laws that state you have to carry Kansas home insurance it is something everyone should have. Chances are if you have a mortgage, you are required by your financial institution to carry home insurance. There are several coverage's that your insurance will cover.Dwelling - this protects the actual building and any garages or storage sheds that are on the property. It doesn't cover your possessions inside the dwellingContents - this will coveryour belongings and all contents inside your home. This would include nearly everything including appliances, electronics, art, jewelry and even toys and clothing. Unless you can afford to replace everything on your own if you suffered a loss you will want to have home insurance.Liability - this will protect other people if they are injured by you or a member of your family. This would include if a person were bitten by your pet and suffered damages.

If you don't own your own home you may be interested in Renters insurance. This will protect your property if there was a disaster such as a fire.

The cost of home insurance will be different depending on where you home is located, the value of your home and the value of your property. Some dog owners will pay higher rates since a dog can cause liability damages.

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Kansas Business Insurance

Since there are many severe storms that hit Kansas, it is important to carry business insurance. You will want to have business liability insurance. This will protect your place of business in the event there is a disaster, such as a tornado. It is important for the welfare of your business to carry this insurance. It is not required by law, however.

Workers compensation insurance is required by law. This will cover your employees if they are injured because of their job. If there is an illness that is related to work that, too would be covered.

With todays need to sue for many different things it is also a good idea to carry employment practices liability insurance. If a claim is filed for unfair business practices, discrimination or sexual misconduct, you will be covered.

Kansas insurance is important to have whether law says you have to have it or not. Unless you can afford to rebuild and replace after a bad storm and damages, you should carry all types of insurance. Make sure you and your business are covered by the right insurance plans. You can never be too careful these days.

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